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In this mixture of two classic games, Snake and Hangman, you're helping a certain literary viper to find beautiful words and avoid death.

***  The point of the game is to guess a hidden word. But unlike in your everyday Hangman, you can't just enter a letter. You need to eat it.

*** Obviously, not all letters displayed on the gameboard are correct.

*** You earn points for eating correct letters, hitting $ signs, and winning a level.

*** When you eat a wrong letter or hit the wall or yourself, you lose points and lives.

*** You win a level once you've uncovered the word and lose when you run out of lives.

*** Use the A, W, S, D keys to turn the snake.

Install instructions

In order to play the game, download and unpack the .zip folder.  Then, you can run the .exe file to start playing. If the game crashes or works too slowly, please open the source code (viperofwords.cpp) in a C++ friendly IDE (Code::Blocks or Visual Studio) and compile it to play. 


viper of words.zip 1 MB

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